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Franziska Steiger / AD AGENDA


  • Institute of Translators and Interpreters
  • German Association of Translators and Interpreters (BDÜ)
  • UK Northwest Translator Network


K-Lingo Clients


  • Sony PSE
  • LG Electronics
  • SAR Elektronic GmbH
  • FAI Electronics
  • IFA

Telecoms & IT

  • Avaya GmbH & Co. KG
  • Citrix Systems, Inc.
  • Bayer Business Services
  • ServiceSource International Inc.
  • Enaptive Inc.
  • Esendex Ltd.
  • SuccessFactors Inc. An SAP Company

Engineering & Innovation

  • Hanwha QCells
  • SPower GmbH
  • Martin engineering
  • Richard Fritz GmbH + Co KG
  • eurolaser GmbH
  • NBC International


  • Nike Inc.
  • pro:vent GmbH
  • Dock 100 Logistik
  • Berlinovo Immobilien Gesellschaft mbH
  • Paulinenkrankenhaus Berlin
  • Akzo Nobel GmbH
  • Praxis Anne-Karin Schmidt

K-Lingo Services

Technical Translation

Translation from English to German and terminology management in the subject areas telecommunications, information technology, communication systems, electronics, automation, production engineering, renewables, civil protection and other technical innovation.

I translate documents such as product briefs, technical documentation, manuals, handbooks, training materials, websites, journal papers, whitepapers, brochures, leaflets and others.

Marketing Translation

Also from English to German, I localise your promotional texts such as website copy, product briefs, presentations, white papers, press releases, PR texts, places articles, newsletters, mailings, leaflets, brochures and other marketing materials.

Translating promotional texts requires a very creative approach and cultural and linguistic adaptations according to the specific conventions of the targeted audience. In my master thesis, I discussed the differences between German and English advertising conventions. If you are interested, I am happy to it to you.

Editing & Proofreading

Editing of translated and original German documents (checking for omissions, additions, factual errors or other content or stylistic issues) as well as proofreading texts written in German, by both native and non-native speakers (rectifying spelling and grammatical errors only) is also part of my portfolio.

Don’t rely on your MS Word’s spell check – a pair of trained human eyes won’t miss any mistake.

Here’s how to get the most out of commissioning translations

K-Lingo Benefits

International companies expect a lot from language service providers. I have a proven track record of meeting and exceeding the high expectations of my clients. As an academically trained translator & terminologist with extensive industry expertise in my specialization areas, I take pride in delivering outstanding service. You can always expect prompt, friendly and open communication, reliability, and dedication. See testimonials.

In a nutshell, partnering with K-Lingo gives you the following benefits:

You are truly understood by your target audience

Whether you are expanding or retain existing customers and partners, K-Lingo provides effective and clear translations that are fit for purpose, underpinned by cultural expertise and in-depth industry knowledge. Read here why it is important to address your target audiences in their native tongue when you are serious about selling.

Revenue growth

Did you know that “companies that invest in translation do report higher revenue”? This paper shows that there is a direct association between investment in effective translations and business growth, and I’d like to add, especially when working with a freelance translator as you benefit from her low overheads.

Time-to-market peace of mind

In order to meet your time-to-market requirements, K-Lingo ensures quick turnaround, even for short notice projects. K-Lingo also delivers large volume projects punctually with the help of its network of expert translation colleagues.

Increased efficiency

Small processes that happen before and after translation have an impact on the quality of a translation. Therefore, the K-Lingo pre-purchase support assists you with your questions related to the preparation of this process and also includes open feedback on ambiguities in the source text, which not only improves translation quality but also helps you optimise your copy. And, once your translation has been delivered, your feedback of course is welcome too!

Partnership benefit

The longer you work with your translator and the better she gets to know your business philosophy, your strategy, your business processes, services and products, the more you benefit.

Guaranteed reliability and quality

As a member of the German professional translator association BDÜ and the ITI, I strictly follow their best practice and quality assurance guidelines.


Usage of translation memory software ensures consistent terminology, phrasing, and style for complex and/or ongoing translation projects, follow-ups and updates.

Pricing fitting your project needs and without surprises

We discuss together whether a word rate, an hourly rate or a flat rate is the best choice for you providing you with a clear and transparent pricing structure with all prices itemised and agreed in advance.

K-Lingo Profile

Here is a summary of my linguistic and entrepreneurial qualifications:

  • member of the professional associations ITI, NorthWest Translation Network, and BDÜ, following their guidelines on professional conduct
  • extensive commercial experience in a variety of industry sectors, including marketing agencies, telecommunication corporations, and public organisations
  • valuable cultural expertise due to living and working in English-speaking countries (Ireland, England, and Australia) for over 6 years altogether
  • I have an entrepreneurial mindset with a practical, common-sense approach, which enables me to solve the language-related issues of my clients in a no-nonsense manner
  • usage of latest translation memory technology, knowledge of latest technological trends as well as pursuing continued professional development
  • translation output of approx. 1500-3500 words depending on the complexity and the requirements of the task

Academic Qualification

Master degree in Translation Studies
- University of Manchester, UK
2010 – 2011
Dissertation on Cultural Aspects of Website Translation, awarded with Distinction
Modules attended: Commerical Translation, Scientific and Technical Translation, Translation Technologies
Bachelor degree in English literature and culture
- University of Mannheim, Germany
2002 – 2006
Minors: History and Media Studies
Term abroad at Australian Catholic University, Sydney in 2005


Freelance Translator
Since 2009
Translating technical and marketing texts between German and English for agency clients and direct clients – since 2011 based in Berlin and translating full time.
In-House Translator & Project Coordinator
Minerva, Viernheim
2006 – 2007
I directed and managed translation projects, initiated and developed business relationships, coached and supervised translators and interpreters ensuring timely and effective delivery.

I am happy to email you my detailed CV. Please .

K-Lingo Contact



+49 30 9159 4135


For an accurate quotation, please provide me with the following information:

  • subject matter
  • document type
  • word count (length of the text)
  • when you need it back
  • any additional information (every little helps!)